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Hiya! I've literally just started watching your videos today (mostly the ones on japan) and they're really amazing and informative! Me and my partner are gonna be visiting Osaka from August the 3rd to the 20th, Any advice on how the hell we can stay cool? all I've been hearing from people is how physically unbearable the heat is! And theirs shit all information online. Also, you're dialect sounds just like ours :D we're from west sussex. What about you?? Thanks man! Sorry its a long one!

Hey there, thank you for watching my videos and i am actually from manchester im just a posho haha In terms of your surviving the heat issue. Well there are some things you can do. First is get used to sweating a lot, its gonna happen here so better to be prepared really. Wear thin clothes and avoid things that dont breath very well (this one sucks for english folk because we are used to heavy clothes). Next up is keeping cool the worse part is battling the heat at night because you have to get used to the aircon being on all night but other than that you can buy cold pads from all drug stores and some konbini they are great. But my personal fave is to get a small thin handtowel and put it in the fridge or freezer over night then just use.it on your head its a beaut for keeping cold. But other than that the brst thing is to keep hydrated summer here is not only blisteringly hot but also humid and it will take a lot out of you. Dont feel bad if you need a day of rest every now and then. Hope this helped if not just say and i will try to get some more info for you.

The Issues with Youtube at the moment.

Ok so it seems a lot has happened in England regarding a huge amount of British Youtube Celebs and a lot of Sexual abuse allegations.

I want to start by saying I am NOT defending anyone in this statement. Sexual Harassment is a disgusting crime but at the same time so are false allegations and in sighting hate upon people, which have also been present in this situation.

Right then, lets begin. There are a lot of stories popping up around the net with people talking about sexual abuse and emotional manipulation. To which I am shocked to see when it comes from the YouTube Community because it is such a good community of people. Bar one or two bad eggs obviously. 

I will also say that my word is not gospel and what is said in the post is opinion only AND NOT TO BE TAKEN OTHERWISE.

The issue I have with this situation is not that it was brought to light in the way it was, even if it has been has been handled very poorly. And while I hate the fact that this has happened I am not here to talk about the abuse itself. I am here to talk about Consent, hypocrisy and the future for these people.

Starting with consent I guess. Consent and what that means is an extremely big grey area. A lot of people don’t realise that if you kiss a random girl and she pulls away; that she is in fact saying no by the view of the law.  The reason for this grey area is honestly because of a lack of education on the fact. Which is very upsetting. But if anyone and I mean anyone looks back in there life they will have been in this grey area without knowing it. I mean I have seen fans of youtubers “hug raping” them, which is considered by the law, a break in consent. Which states a person (of either gender) must give consent for any sexual contact or extreme body closeness. ( I am paraphrasing a little).

Horny teens everywhere break these laws/rules without realising it. Are you a 15 yr old boy on omegle trying to convince a girl to show you her tits? Then you can, by the court of law, be considered an abuser. Are you a fangirl trying to grab your favourite band members ass as they jump into the crowd? You’re an abuser.  And it is these things that cause issues in the future.  There have been posts from certain people saying that they adopted a “only no means no” consent culture. And while this is  an extremely wrong and grotesque way of thinking it is also a statement on how our education system handles consent as a topic. If it was covered better in school this way of thinking might never have happened.

Now on to hypocrisy: 
The problem with this particular situation is that it is happening on the internet. A place where nothing is private, at all. (your stupid if you think it is)  So with certain people, there has been admittance to their “doing shitty things to people”. Which is a poor way of saying I did a horrible thing and now I have been caught. But along with this a lot of big youtubers, mostly females, have taken to also posting blogs that out this person. With the fact that they “don’t want his words to go as gospel because of his huge fanbase that believe every word he says.” Again paraphrasing a little.

My issue with this is that these post are not non bias. They are emotional and full of the pain they felt when it happened and they are full of anger. And I am not saying they shouldn’t be angry. They should. But they are doing the very thing that they didn’t want to happen with the male youtubers fanbase. They are showing their anger and hatred which is causing fans to attack, not only the tuber in question but also his friends and in one case his family.  This isn’t right! If this issue wants to be solved it cant be done with this sort of approach because eventually there will be a hate war. (think Xbox Vs. PS4 except much worse and involving real people and actual problems) 

And Finally the future.
It is unfortunate that the future for these people could look very bleak. I have seen people posting that they will no longer associate themselves with these people. Which is perfectly valid. However for the case of the tuber I have been talking about mainly here. I would like to think that these cases of abuse were just down to his own stupidity and not out of malice and if this is the case I would hope that his youtube friends would at the very least try to work it out with him. 

I am not saying forgive him for his actions but if he truly understands the issues that he has caused are abusive and manipulative. That at the very least his friends wont abandon him just because it is the popular opinion of the internet now. 

Should they stop their channels and leave there subscribers? No they shouldn’t. They worked for those subs and wether they are shit people or not doesn’t mean they are bad content producers. Hell Chris Brown beat Rihanna to a pulp and people still listen to him. ( might have been a bad analogy.) (Oh well)

Should they be made to pay for what they have done ? Well that really isn’t up to us as an online community to decide. If you want to punish him then you can unsubscribe and you can tell people of what he has done but you are not the law.

Should they make a public apology video and explain what has happened? 
Yes at the bare minimum this is what should happen. Any story has two sides even if one side is bad. And we have to hear both to get the clear picture. And decide for ourselves what we will do.