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optimalmilky asked
Hey Josh ^^ So I just recently watched your video on Robin Williams and Depression, I know I'm a little late. Any way, I've thought I had depression for a while now but I'm very unsure. There are times when I feel the way you described or the complete opposite. I've tried to reach out to some friends, I was shut down and told my life is to good, and I have no reason to be depressed. I really don't want to talk about it in person. advice? thank you. I feel really stupid Much love man <3

Hey there, first of all thank you for watching my video. Secondly if at any point you have felt like there is no point in waking up or going outside there is a chance you have depression. However don’t see this as a life ruining thing, in fact you have done the hardest part and that is seeking advice. To give you some perspective there are days when I wake up and the world is amazing to me and I love everything and there are days/weeks where I wake up and I just feel empty. It is a difficult situation to be in and it is made worse by the fact that a lot of people regard depression with something of worth. ( like you have to have had a family member die in order to be depressed) You don’t, people handle things differently. Depression can be caused by lots and lots of different things. It can be as simple as a lack of exercise or a change in diet and it can be as complex and a natural imbalance of chemicals in your body that you need pills to fix. 

Please never feel stupid for thinking you might be depressed.

I would definitely say you should try changing up your diet. If you are a veggie you should add some products that include High amounts of B-12 and lots of fruits like grapes that naturally release endorphins. If you are a meat eater; reduce your red meat intake and stop eating pork. Have more fish/seafood based meals along with this make sure you arent just eating carbs with your meals. 

Also do what I do, go for a 1 hour long walk everyday to somewhere nice. like a park or a near by area that you enjoy. Fresh air is the key to keeping happy.

But if you start feeling down again don’t be afraid to talk to someone, if you look on my video there is a link for a anonymous online helpcentre where you can just talk to someone willing to listen. And believe me they help a lot. 

I hope this has helped you, good luck.

clockedbythecaptain asked
Hi, just saw some of your videos, you are so funny (and have a bangin' haircut lol)

Well thank you very much :D I am glad you like the videos and the haircut!

The world of JHillLife turned 2 today! I&#8217;m almost old enough to give a shit.

The world of JHillLife turned 2 today! I’m almost old enough to give a shit.

Anonymous asked
Heya! I just found you because of all that kanadajin stuff and I just got to say, you are cute as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck :P

Thank you :P

Ash: Get in the fucking ball PickachuPickachu: Picka picka pi (no ash I don&#8217;t take your shit)

Ash: Get in the fucking ball Pickachu

Pickachu: Picka picka pi (no ash I don’t take your shit)

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