I'm 21 and a youtuber, welcome to my mind. Also I live in Japan.


clockedbythecaptain asked
Hi, just saw some of your videos, you are so funny (and have a bangin' haircut lol)

Well thank you very much :D I am glad you like the videos and the haircut!

The world of JHillLife turned 2 today! I’m almost old enough to give a shit.

The world of JHillLife turned 2 today! I’m almost old enough to give a shit.

Anonymous asked
Heya! I just found you because of all that kanadajin stuff and I just got to say, you are cute as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck :P

Thank you :P

Ash: Get in the fucking ball PickachuPickachu: Picka picka pi (no ash I don’t take your shit)

Ash: Get in the fucking ball Pickachu

Pickachu: Picka picka pi (no ash I don’t take your shit)

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friggenhellambs asked
Hiya! I've literally just started watching your videos today (mostly the ones on japan) and they're really amazing and informative! Me and my partner are gonna be visiting Osaka from August the 3rd to the 20th, Any advice on how the hell we can stay cool? all I've been hearing from people is how physically unbearable the heat is! And theirs shit all information online. Also, you're dialect sounds just like ours :D we're from west sussex. What about you?? Thanks man! Sorry its a long one!

Hey there, thank you for watching my videos and i am actually from manchester im just a posho haha In terms of your surviving the heat issue. Well there are some things you can do. First is get used to sweating a lot, its gonna happen here so better to be prepared really. Wear thin clothes and avoid things that dont breath very well (this one sucks for english folk because we are used to heavy clothes). Next up is keeping cool the worse part is battling the heat at night because you have to get used to the aircon being on all night but other than that you can buy cold pads from all drug stores and some konbini they are great. But my personal fave is to get a small thin handtowel and put it in the fridge or freezer over night then just use.it on your head its a beaut for keeping cold. But other than that the brst thing is to keep hydrated summer here is not only blisteringly hot but also humid and it will take a lot out of you. Dont feel bad if you need a day of rest every now and then. Hope this helped if not just say and i will try to get some more info for you.